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Dark Fall: Lost Souls (Windows)

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Dark Fall: Lost Souls Credits

Darkling Room

Game DesignJonathan Boakes
ConstructionJonathan Boakes
Engine EnhancementsMatt Clark
EffectsMatt Clark
Particle EnhancementsMatt Clark
ScreenplayJonathan Boakes
ScriptJonathan Boakes
Sound DesignJonathan Boakes, Matt Clark
Sound Recording TechnicianBeehive Studio Sound
MusicBen Gammonds, Jonathan Boakes
CastUnknown [The Inspector], Emma Harry (Amy Haven/Matilda Fly), Jonathan Boakes (Mr.Bones/Hotel Staff/Shadowkin), Lorraine Marsh (Phone Operator/Gloria Grable), Philip Philippou (Andrew Verney)
The Author Would Like To ThankRick Connolly, Matt Clark, British Television, Great Britain
In MemoryLeonard Boakes

Iceberg Interactive

CEOErik Schreuder
Executive Vice PresidentSteve Wall
Retail Sales DirectorHoward Newmark
Director of OperationsHans José
Senior Development ManagerRaymond Snippe
Art DirectorMichael van Zijl
Assistant Printed MaterialsMelissa Meeuwsen
Junior PR ManagerAngelique Houtveen
PR AssistantDesiree Van Rietschoten
Marketing AssistantDesiree Van Rietschoten

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