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Dark Fall: Lost Souls (Windows)

Dark Fall: Lost Souls Screenshots

Windows version

the eerie Dowerton Hotel
A hidden book
A sinister Gent(s)
Remember Mr Gruel from the Lost Crown?
Cocoons infest this room
A creepy coffin
Graffiti detail
In reverence he waits
Map of the station and hotel
Mr Bones' card
Now this is the kind of thing that puts pressure on timed puzzles!
Much of the graffiti will be remembered from the first Dark Fall
Old wartime posters still adorn the station
Party invite
Screaming out for help
What is that in the sink?
Surreal hands seem to point the way
the daunting railway tunnels
the dowerton Messenger
the game has a very dark storyline
The station master's ghost
the hotel in better times
the grisly story of Ashley
the hotel in better times
the hotel in sillouhette
the hotel reception
the image that greets you at the start of the game
the lights come on
the moon shines eerily on some old windows
the old hotel is crumbling all about you
the staircase
these 'Myster case files' are Easter eggs hidden throughout the game
these symbols take you back in time
View of the hotel from the train tracks
what on Earth happened here?