Dark Fall: The Journal Credits (Windows)

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Dark Fall: The Journal Credits


PresidentRichard Wah Kan
VP MarketingMarshall Zwicker
Acquisitions ManagerAnnette Béchamp
Production AssistanceRobert Stevenson
Product ManagerRenata Richardson
Graphics Department ManagerJames Meecham
Graphic Design and LayoutElizabeth Petzold
Director, International CommunicationsNick Malaperiman
PR CoordinatorTara Reed
QA ManagerMike Adams
QA LeadMike Mitres
QA StaffDan Dawang, Matthew Dickson, Chris Elliott, Aldo Fazzari, Yohany Lee, Nick Mucci, Matthew Richardson, Matthew Szymanski, Justin Wah Kan
Design, Programming and CreationJonathan Boakes
Voice Actor (Timothy Pike)Samuel Dicker
Voice Actor (Polly White)Christine Smith
Voice Actor (Tom Oliver)Robert Perkins
Voice Actor (Matilda Fly)Beth Stone
Voice Actor (Edith Penfold)Morwenna Turrets
Voice Actor (Andrew Verney)Philip Philippou
Voice Actor (Nigel Danvers)Stuart Banks
Voice Actor (Takeaway Girls)Joanne White
Historical ResearchPhilip Philippou, Jonathan Boakes
Music (Harp)Kevin MacNaughton
Music (Violin)Michael Ivans
Based on a short story Dark Fall byJonathan Boakes
With Assistance FromPhilip Philippou, Christine Smith, Lorraine Marsh, Samuel Dicker

Ontario Europe

PresidentOlivier Pierre
Marketing DirectorMathieu Saint-Denis
Product Manager InternationalLorraine Lue
Product Manager (France)Julien Levy
Marketing, Art DirectorOdile Mousseau
Communications Manager (France)Nicolas Swiatek
Communications Assistant (France)Maryline Perrier
LocalisationChristine Gervillié, Yann Tisseyre

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