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Dark Fall: The Journal (Windows)

Dark Fall: The Journal Screenshots

Windows version

Arther's Studio
Train to Dowerton
Main Menu
Main menu, alternate version.
First Paper
The Station
Hotel Lobby
George's Study
Miss Fly's Room 1
Miss Fly's Room 2
Money for Tickets
Question and answer
Right book in the right game
Scraps Puzzle
Ticket Office
Men's toilet
Ladies' toilet
Somebody placed cameras throughout the hotel at points of possible ghostly activity.
Some letters are concealed from plain sight until you make them visible.
Many riddles are simply waiting to be solved.
Finding the letter was easy, deciphering however, may take some brainstorming.
Many floors, halls and doors in this hotel to explore.
Another clue... now if only I can find a piano somewhere to play it.
Story introduction
One of these doors should be unlocked
Train station ticket office
The path here is boarded
There seems to be a number missing on this cube concept
Electromagnetic source detected
Can't really pinpoint what is strange with this setting
Exploring the cellar
Someone is keeping track of all the paranormal activity in this place
Searching rooms on the upper floor of a hotel
All the messages leave some sort of clue to help you in your investigation
Now we need to figure out which of all this date is of any use and how to use it
Checking videos form various installed cameras throughout the hotel