The Dark Hills of Cherai Credits


3D ArtistsAzad - Kept us guessing by always drawing muscled men in his diary, even in middle of meetings... but it was just a phase he was going through. The perfect graphics in the game would not have been possible without him., Arun - This talented artist is also a closet philosopher. His idea on the universe and philosophy makes more sense when sober but we love him all the same., Janey - This beautiful and talented artist is always bubbling with ideas that helped shape the game. Her friendly attitude and heartwarming smile kept the team positive through the tough times., Jomon - His dedication to work is complete. His 3D work in the game is exemplary., Martin - Artist and Casanova, best known for his beautiful caricature drawings. Not related to OJ Simpson., Renjith - His sense of aesthetics and artwork for the game is quite impressive., Rinesh - His easy going attitude and calm approach to everything kept the team relaxed even during some confusing times.
2D ArtistsSunil - He may be small but he’s got a big heart and even bigger animation skillz., Mansoor - His amazing work on the level and puzzle animations helped the game take its final shape., Sarath - This cool and optimistic guy is always a pleasure to have around. His passion for his work as a talented artist helped design many amazing puzzles in the game.
Lead ProgrammersHarish - The jack of all trades and master of ...well... everything!!! He put together the game, leading a team of talented programmers. Other than his programming skillz, 'Dirty Harry' is known for his pranks and late night illegal betting in the office., Deepak - Possibly the missing link to human evolution, his cave side manners and programming skills are impeccable., Murthy - Mr. Nice Guy with an easy going attitude. Dedicated and exceptionally good at what he does., Mahesh - His singing has made people fall on his feet and beg for mercy during office functions. Thank goodness, he does not program like he sings!
ProgrammersDipin - His personality undergoes a major overhaul when he is outside the office, but no one's complaining. Let's just say it is better that way., Jose - This cool dude is a pleasure to work with as he is one of those rare perfectionist sorts who don't piss people off!, Shanitha - Her work on the puzzles for the game helped in perfecting the game., Sajitha - Aside from programming the puzzles, her frequent cute girly sneezes -record of 15 in a row- made her quite famous around the office and is a great conversation topic.
Game TestersTijo - Here's one person who knows how to live life the cool way. He helped maintain game quality by his awesome testing skillz., Sangeetha - Her attention to detail has helped fix many bugs early on in the testing process., Arun - His perfectionism helped figure out even the smallest bugs in the game that helped transform the game to a success., Saji - Our friendly neighborhood systems administrator kept the computers running smoothly amidst the pandemonium of virus attacks and falling CPUs. He was also instrumental in bringing quality to the game by his extensive testing.
Content DeveloperNibu - The amazingly talented Content Developer who documented the game and pitched in his cool ideas. He was seen around the office scribbling the story on bits of paper and making changes till the last moment, but it all turned fine in the end. He is a true genius. Also was assigned to write the credits ;-)
Sound DesignAbhiram - His sound production is off the hook and gives the game that unique spooky feeling. The sound effects and music in the game helped immerse the player into the game and kept them wanting for more. He is simply a maestro of audio. Only trouble was, the team had a hard time recognizing him because his hairstyle kept changing every other week!!
Game DesignRanjit ‑ AKA 'porcupine', with his hot spiked hair and cool attitude got the game going with his creative ideas and led the game from start to finish. His eye for quality and sense of aesthetics were invaluable to the games artistic details., Harsha - Always keeping the teams spirits up and bringing the fun and ideas into the game. The countless number of times she has played the game to adjust the game play and game flow has resulted in fine tuning the game to what it is today.
Executive ProducerJugul Thachery (The man behind it all who encouraged us to have all the fun we wanted making the game and knowing when to draw the line when we had a little too much fun ;-) . This game would not have been possible without his leadership and guidance.), Gaurav Mirchandani (The game would not have been possible without his valuable market insight and advice throughout the game development process. His creative inputs made the game stand out from hundreds of other Hidden object games.)
DisclaimerThere are no hills in Cherai !, Its a coastal town in Kerala, India and all references of people and places in the game are purely fictitious. Any similarity with real life is purely coincidental.

Credits for this game were contributed by Macs Black (80159)