The Dark Hills of Cherai Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Arjun kidnapped by Digambar.
Game start
Receiving a magic herb.
The cursor changes to an arrow when hovering over an exit spot.
Butterfly scroll
The cursor changes to gears when hovering over a puzzle.
A simple puzzle
Locked door
Gem slots
Door lock
Barrel puzzle
Opening a bag with a knife.
Broken wood beam
Clock puzzle
Another locked door
Sliding-tiles puzzle
Picture puzzle
Memory game
Knife-throwing game
Medals puzzle
Shapes puzzle
Peg solitaire implementation
Weights puzzle
Sliding-stones puzzle
Pipe Dream implementation
Jigsaw puzzle
Tangram implementation
Crossed lines puzzle
Liquid distribution puzzle
Numbers puzzle
Tower of Hanoi implementation
Nataraja statue
Light-deflecting puzzle
Discs puzzle