Dark Messiah: Might and Magic Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
When your adrenaline (yellow bar) is full, deliver a Power Attack to make a Fatality.
By accessing the Skill Tree you can buy new skills.
The city of Stonehelm
The sewers
Leanna and Menelag
The shield will protect you from the enemy arrows.
You can easily kill your enemies by kicking them into fires.
The temple of the Spider.
Another easy kill...
"Sorry, no time for fishing."
The Pao Kai dragon.
Stonehelm harbor.
I'm poisoned! I need to drink an antidote or my health will keep decreasing.
Fighting with cyclops.
Kick enemies off ledges to kill them instantly.
Silent assassin.
Aratrok, guardian of the Crystal Chamber.
The altar of the skull
The cyclops guards the exit.
Demon mode
First loading and logo
Prologue is loading
On chain
Night vision is useful
Kick in ass - very funny
Wait a moment, and fight
He tries escape
I found crystal
Chapter one loading
I'm On A Horse
Follow him
Dialogue in castle
Cut scene
Use a bow
Unfair fight
Blood rain