Written by  :  Jonathan Hollas (25)
Written on  :  May 21, 2005

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Good core mechanics, bad 3d controls

The Good

This game continues the LOS tactical gameplay from the original. Music was interesting. The 3d maps fit very well with the LOS tactical gameplay (unlike Dark Reign 1's 2d game engine mimicking elevation).

It has boats!

The Bad

The camera ruins the game. Unless you mod the game, you go nuts adjusting the camera when you want to be dealing with the game. The minimap would SPIN around which was frusteratingly confusing.

The game moves way too slow. The unique unit ai seems to be missing. The graphics are still bad because I cannot associate with some blue flying cylinder that is supposed to be a 'air plane'.

This game is also way too green.

The Bottom Line

This game had lots of potential. It is fun in multiplayer but be sure to get the mods that fixes the camera.

(I notice that with the pricing, Dark Reign 2 is cheaper than Dark Reign 1. That should tell you something!)