Dark Sector Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu.
Crappy russian: "Talk with infection".
You can pick up two weapons only.
Firing from shelter.
Our hero was infected.
And first some minutes he feels really sick.
Using glepha (boomerang blades).
Pause screen.
Some doors can opened only with C4.
You can pick up objects with glepha.
WTF is that? Run, run!
Weapons update.
Glepha can be charged with electricity.
Quick time event.
Aiming glepha while flying.
In black market you can buy new weapons, sell old and install upgrades, all for money.
Behind turret.
Fired gepha unlocks filmed doors.
Horde of zombies
Colossus vs. jackal
Riding the jackal.
This field reflects all bullets.
Wall slide
Charged gepha can be exploded remotely.
After killing a stalker, you'll get stealth mode.
Which is useful for silent kills.
Really big gun