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Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition (Windows)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

User Reviews

Modern games are redeemed אולג 小奥 (170185) 4.86 Stars4.86 Stars4.86 Stars4.86 Stars4.86 Stars

Our Users Say

Category Description MobyScore
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.1
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.4
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.5
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 2.8
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.4
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.4
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.5
Overall MobyScore (8 votes) 3.3

The Press Says

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Anime News Network
Dark Souls may seem like it doesn't care, but it secretly wants you to succeed and it gives you the tools, though not the explicit instruction, to do so. It remains a game that is scary, and dangerous, and deadly, but also somewhat easy to break (with electric broadswords, and homing missile spells). It remains a game where understanding a system is more important than leveling Dexterity to 30 points, and a willingness to change tactics and press on in the face of adversity is more important than finding a +5 halberd that fits all situations. Though the cycle of fail-get up-try again is often criticized, or interpreted as "repetitive" gameplay, the game's greatest accomplishment is that triumph comes from experience, not experience points.
The Controller Online
While From Software didn’t really take any time to patch up the small issues that Dark Souls had before, the PC release is still the same fantastic game. Fans of the series will love the new areas and the addition of the PVP arena modes is great for those that are into that side of the game. PC gamers are in luck with this one, as the $39.99 price tag includes the full original game, as well as a substantial amount of additional content. I would be embarrassed to tell you just exactly how many hours I’ve spent on Dark Souls, across both editions.
While this port isn't the significant enhancement that we'd all hoped for (to put it kindly), Prepare to Die Edition is still clearly the definitive version of Dark Souls. It plays smoother, multiplayer is improved, mods have enhanced the resolution and promise further improvements, and there's content not currently available on the consoles. PC gamers have had to wait a while, but we now have the best version of Dark Souls anywhere, and it's almost-unique type of challenging and rewarding gameplay has made it one of my all-time favorite games.
Le pari était audacieux, alors que la tendance est à l'accompagnement du joueur et aux successions de niveaux-couloirs scénarisés, de bâtir un monde ouvert à l'architecture inextricable, dans lequel on ignore où on doit aller, ce qu'on fait là et où chaque combat peut se solder par une mort qui fera souvent naître impuissance et frustration. On fera bien de pardonner à From Software ce portage passablement médiocre, tant le climat à la fois onirique, épique et délétère de l'exigeant Dark Souls le hisse magistralement dans le panthéon des grands RPG sortis sur PC.
PC Games (Germany)
Keine Frage, Dark Souls hat sich seinen Ruf als eines der härtesten Spiele aller Zeiten redlich verdient und ist definitiv nichts für jedermann. Hinter jeder Ecke lauern neue Gefahren, fiese Monster, gemeine Fallen, aber auch erinnerungswürdige Momente, bezaubernde Panoramen und schöne Überraschungen. Wer Durchhaltevermögen und Frustresistenz zu seinen Tugenden zählt (und nur dann!), wird mit einem unvergleichlichen, bahnbrechend atmosphärischen Abenteuer belohnt, das es so kein zweites Mal auf dem PC gibt! Eine Schande ist nur, wie halbherzig die PC-Umsetzung geworden ist. Mein Tipp: Den erwähnten Grafik-Fix installieren, ein Gamepad anschließen und schon macht der Ausflug in die düstere, unerbittliche Welt von Dark Souls trotzdem einen Heidenspaß!
GameStar (Germany)
Ja, Dark Souls ist verdammt schwer. Und ja, Dark Souls hat mit den typischen Problemen einer schlechten PC-Portierung zu kämpfen. Und trotzdem gebe ich eine klare Kaufempfehlung (allerdings nur mit Gamepad-Steuerung). Selten hat mich ein Spiel derart gefesselt und selten habe ich nach dem Bezwingen eines Bossgegners solche Freude, einen solchen Triumph empfunden. Ich habe gelitten, geflucht, geschrien, gejubelt und mir Tage- und Nächtelang den Kopf über Taktiken und Möglichkeiten zerbrochen. Doch am Ende bleibt da die eine Gewissheit: Ich werde mich bei allem Frust über die nicht weg zu diskutierenden Unzulänglichkeiten noch Jahre nach diesem Test an die Emotionen erinnern, die Dark Souls in mir wachgerufen hat. Denn Dark Souls ist ein Spiel mit Seele, eines, das es geschafft hat mich zu berühren. Und genau das erwarte ich von einem guten Spiel.
La qualité du jeu ne fait aucun doute. Cependant, le manque d'optimisation et d'adaptation de la version PC pour ce nouveau support ne permet pas de le considérer comme un égal des versions consoles. Le contenu bonus est tout de même appréciable, mais sachant que celui-ci arrive sur consoles dans quelques temps, les joueurs console n'ont que peu d'intérêt de passer sur PC. Reste que les joueurs exclusivement PC ont une bonne occasion de découvrir ce petit bijou de challenge et de sadisme, un geste sympathique de la part des développeurs, tout de même.
Absolute Games (
Из подобных противоречий соткана вся Dark Souls — без пяти минут шедевр и пример чисто японской криворукости (скажем, невозможно понять, зачем точки возрождения ставят за полкилометра от «босса»). Но это не повод пропускать одну из самых оригинальных и затягивающих RPG последних лет. Если, конечно, вы жаждете суровых испытаний. Для спокойного отдыха она совсем не подходит.
Adrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
So, should you play it? I had considered preparing a longer rant about the game’s problems and perks, but I think I can boil its entertainment value down into a succinct set of criteria. Are you very proficient with a controller? Do you like Games for Windows Live? And are you looking for a deviously difficult game whose menus and interface are just transplanted from a console? Then you should consider picking up a copy of Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition. If not, then give this game a miss. Only frustration and anger await those who think this game was designed for hardcore PC gamers, and that’s too bad. With a better port, this game could’ve been brilliant on PC, had it taken full advantage of what the PC has to offer. As it stands now, it’s mainly a niche game for a small subset of PC players.
Game Over Online
When I see the sheer amount of positive reviews this game got from the console crowd, it just reinforces my elitist PC attitude. This Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition is not only the worst console port I've ever played (and I play most of them), it's also one of the worst designed. I mean literally, this game is one step above my character having "lives" and when I run out of those, I'm told to jam quarters into my PC to continue playing. If this is what constitutes a "good console RPG", then I'll sleep soundly at night with the knowledge that I'm not missing a damn thing by not owning a PlayStation 3. I guess I'm alone in understanding this, but supposed difficulty is not a substitute for intelligent design. Dark Souls proves that.