Darkness Within: In Pursuit of Loath Nolder Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Starting menu.
Options menu.
First FMV sequence.
The hall you start in, with a very god-like figure painted right in front of you. Ominous.
A bit of an overstatement... It's actually not a very well lit room, so you can't really appreciate the supposed beauty.
Aaaaaaaand dead. First of many, I assume.
Always inspect objects at close range.
You can tune several different radio stations.
Your geek thinking menu. You'll have to use it. A LOT.
Judging by the phones, you'd think the game is clearly set in the late 90s or early 2000s.
Lots of poetry to read. Maybe a bit too much, actually.
The Darkness part of the title can be confirmed throughout the whole game...
Your very retro office, with very retro TV and very retro PC.
Moving to a different office...
Desks usually have interesting stuff lying around.
One of the hardest puzzles around. Trust me.
A very eerie manor.
The basement. Always present in horror related stuff.
An unusually useless desk. Very strange.
Brotherly love. Or is it...
The textures used on objects like this couch here are pretty decent for the time.
At least this way is brighter.
...unlike this spooky room.
Is that a reference to The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask, I wonder...
That's a weird... I don't even know what to call that object.
The kitchen in Ivar's cabin
Stairs leading to second floor.
Viewing items in the inventory. You can rotate them and zoom in and out.
Marinated jelly fish. Or not.
Locating clues in documents.
Cut-scene. This one shows when you are moving between locations.
Bedroom in your apartment
You are in the middle of nowhere and the sun eclipse is coming. Is it a dream or just another world?
The unspeakable location
Your clocks are always ticking.
Some rotten psycho behind the door. Better leave it closed.
Roaming through darkness with a candle.
Loath Nolder's office, the 2006 calendar is still hanging on a wall.
Map with available locations.
A puzzle