Dawn of Discovery Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Menu
Loading Screen
Orient cities are the biggest new addition to the game.
A typical island to get resources from.
This keep contains a bonus objective.
Negotiating with our neighbours.
Monuments are the "new" thing in Anno 1404.
Our city has fallen victim to the plague.
The cities in the game are very detailed.
Welcome to Monkey Island!
Building up a new settlement in the desert.
Harvesting coffee and such outside the main city.
A familiar look.
Nice little town we got there.
This city isn't player built but it is possible.
A heavy guarded pearl-collection ship doing its job.
If you need spice - this is where you get it. No sandworms though.
Tracking the needs of my citizens.
Heavy fighting in the port.
Here you can easily create trade routes.
Our Orient-city is growing nicely.
That's how carpets look like before production.
Animated intro
Select scenario
Build church
Ally's docks