Dead Pixels Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Launcher with configuration options
Title screen
Main menu
Game mode selection
Introduction to the Dead Pixels game mode
It starts with an in-game tutorial.
Examining a weapon in the inventory.
Two zombies have been put down. Houses marked with an X have been raided already.
Green arrows show where you can find a shop.
19 streets to go ...
A grenade took care of them.
Inside a mall
Looting a house.
The incendiary grenade deals a lot of damage.
The amount of zombies quickly becomes overwhelming.
Attacked by a large horde of strong zombies from both sides. The ones on the left are very quick, the ones on the right are tough.
I tried to move on without killing the boss character.
Invest in the luck upgrade to raise the chance of doing critical hits.
Title screen for The Solution game mode
Character selection in The Solution mode
My convict is infiltrating the city.
Introduction sequence for the Last Stand mode
Preparing for the first wave
Wave completed.