Dead Rising 2 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title Screen
Menu Screen
Chuck Greene, the hero of the game, lost his wife to zombies and has an infected daughter
Now he has to participate in a zombie chainsawing motocross contest to buy Zombrex, the drug to keep his daughter from transforming
TK, an arrogant narcissist, hosts the contest, called "Terror is Reality"
As expected, a zombie outbreak occurs right after the show
Don't forget: Simple rules to follow in case of a zombie outbreak
The safe house is sort of the headquarters of the game, where Katey rests and Stacey controls what is going on
Sullivan is the leader inside the safe house and, obviously, he will keep an eye on you
This game takes place mostly in casinos,...
shopping malls...
and restaurants
Various transportation possibilities: the cute one,...
the fast one...
and the cool one
Escorting survivors to the safe house is an important part of the game, and it's the main way to gain experience points
Another way is to kill the many psychopaths that have surfaced during the outbreak
If the other ways to gain experience points are boring you can always start killing zombies like crazy, something Chuck is an specialist on
Common elements you'll find in this game: quick-time events and playboy ads
Reading magazines improves Chuck's skills
Combining weapons is one of the most advertised features of the game. This is done in the maintenance rooms. Here a "goblin" head combinable with a battery for electrical improvement
The flagship combined weapon: The Paddlesaw!
You can take toys back to the safe house and gift them to Katey (it also gives experience points)
Food is critical as it restores health. Here Chuck eating a lobster
Finding zombrex for Katey is of paramount importance, as she needs a dose every 24 hours not to turn
Some people will take advantage of the outbreak to loot shops and they don't like to be interrupted
The map of the Fortune City gambling resort (it actually has various levels)
Chuck can take a look at the time and missions he has to accomplish, however, surrounding enemies will still move while he does so
The Gun Store, probably the most useful store of the whole game, I'm not telling where it is
You can obtain money competing in Terror Is Reality on the Internet