Dead to Rights Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Strip Bar
Disco Club
Jack saves a library from terrorists in the intro movie.
Autotarget (the red arrows) helps avoid the aiming problems that plague many 3rd person shooters.
"Dance the stripper", an early mini-game.
I guess it's true what they say about ex-cops being unpopular in prison.
Using corners as covers drastically increases your life expectancy.
Playing as Shadow, you sniff out bombs for Jack to defuse.
The bomb defusing mini game was designed for a game pad. Trying to play it with a keyboard can become quite difficult late in the game.
Low on life? Grab an enemy and use him as a human shield.
I'm all stiff from punching these guys out. Fortunately, I'm in a "massage" parlor.
Frequent cinematics and cut-scenes flesh out the story.
I'm in Chinatown with a pistol in each hand. Must be time for a slow motion dive.
Shadow not only tears out thugs throats, he'll also pick up their guns and carry them over to you. Good doggie!
Looks like I'm not the only one on a "roaring rampage of revenge".