Deadly Tide Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu with user selection
In-game help, launched in separate window
Mission selection (interesting trick here: the camera is in inverted geosphere)
Our story starts in space, near human lunar outpost
Fighters are scrambled... check the incoming alien fleet
"We come in peace..."
...but you'll go in pieces!
My wingman is down!
Human fighters fight desperately, but they're no match to huge alien vessels
Even a desperate suicide attack can't change the odds
The alien fleet settled underwater. Why is that aliens always invade US first? And usually blow up Paris?
All men to your fighters!
This is your top-of-the-line fighter plane... err, I mean submarine!
And here the action begins... with aliens breaking and entering
Eat that alien scum! For Freedom/Motherland/Vaterland/American style of life!
Aliens overrun human underwater base
Insert typical video backdrop shooter action here
Number two is dead. You're on your own...
Human submarine sunk during evacuation attempt
Fortunately we got lucky this time
Transferring to one of our warships
Q: What can be more risky that facing a whole alien fleet in a one-man sub?
A: Facing them while on foot!
Exiting the warm comfy cockpit
Penetrating the corridors of a sunk vessel
Sometimes the game allows us to choose path
Breaching the door
Sometimes we enter in an all-direction 360-degree viewing mode