Death to Spies Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Introduction sequence
Main menu: creating a profile.
The tutorial with the objectives and map overlays shown.
Zooming in with the sniper rifle.
Cut-scene sequence: Semion is being interrogated.
Mission briefing
Weapon selection
High grass is ideal to sneak around.
Carrying a body out of sight.
Driving a truck into the enemy camp.
I should get the uniform of that officer.
The bystanders have no idea who I am.
Inside a headquarters
The second mission is set in a snowy village.
The overlay map shows the enemies' positions.
After killing or stunning an enemy, you can browse through their belongings.
Nice decoration
Yes, I've been luring some enemies towards my position.
Inside a hotel
Let's see if they will let me in.
Ranking after each mission