DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Menu - Featuring an animated DeathSpank in WWII attire.
Main Title - Yes. They meant thong. Literally.
Intro - The source of DeathSpank's power. Hint: It's purple.
You start the game here in this prison camp.
You can choose different dialogues sometimes, but they don't have any effect on the game and are only there for the sake of humor.
Enemies are a bit different from other ARPGs. Mostly because DS has humor and others don't.
There are also mini bosses alongside normal enemies.
Equipment screen. Also notice Deathspank who is dressed as Rambo.
Too bad you can't read that book.
Jungles look nice.
You should gather data from those pillars which are called Thongoliths by defending the data collector from Thongolith's guardians for a short period of time.
Bazookas deal lots of damage and they are a useful addition to the game, but they hurt Deathspank too.
Signs usually don't provide useful information in Deathspank's world.
I'm not playing the French version. This NPC originally speaks French.
There are lots of references in DS: ToV. Notice the title of the quest and its explanation.
NPCs with quests available are clarified with an exclamation mark above their head.
Listening carefully to what these tourist monks have to say will turn out to be useful later.
Here's the nun who is corrupted by the thong of Compassion.
Inventory screen which mostly belongs to the items that you should solve the game's puzzles with. By the way, doesn't that mask sound familiar to you? ;)
Well, that makes sense in a strange way.
You can use Shank's bloody motorsaw as a weapon thanks to the fact that both games have the same publisher.
Western town of Strumfuquel
A very easy to find Easter egg in the game.
Hero cards screen. Hero cards are your rewards for level-ups.
Yup. You can sail with a pirate ship too.
Santa is corrupted by the thong of generosity and we should put an end to his madness in his own base, north pole.