Deer Hunter 2003 Credits (Windows)

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Deer Hunter 2003 Credits

Programming Team

Lead ProgrammerGary McNickle
ProgrammersChris Brooks, William Rieder, Jeremy Shull, Dustin Russell, Doug Sutherland
AI ProgrammerPepper Lain Miller

Art Team

Lead ArtistSam Crowe
ArtistsJudith Peterson, Troy Buckley, Jen Wildes, Jennifer Burris, Jason Smith, Richard Lico

Level Design Team

Level DesignLoel M. Phelps, Leo De Bruyn, James Gardner, Robert Travis

Production / Misc.

Sound DesignerGary Phillips
Production AssistantHeather Beach
Producer / Game DesignerTom Shiflet


Senior Vice PresidentPaul Rinde
Senior Vice President of SalesWim Stocks
Vice President of MarketingTracy Magnuson
Director of MarketingAnn Marie Bland
Marketing ManagerDennis Davidson
Senior Print Production ManagerCherrie Julkowski
Creative DirectorKeith M. Anderson
Director of Production DevelopmentPeter Armstrong
Senior ProducerBrian Ewoldt
Associate ProducerSteven Charbonneau
Lead QAMichael Hathaway
QADavid Degnan, Stephen Ellis, Chris Lundeen, Peter Eckert, Jay Carling King IV, Amy Harbin, Michael Cucchiarella

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Credits for this game were contributed by Loel Phelps (24)