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Most of the features have been improved to an acceptable level, which leaves me wondering why does this game feel incomplete? Perhaps it is because the novelty of the original title is wearing thin after four outings and the same fate is befalling the hunting genre as what happened to real-time strategy after the release of Warcraft II. Essentially that a flood of similar products is sapping the originality, and players are only waiting for the next big breakthrough in terms of content to re-ignite the fire. Though Deer Hunter 4 makes no quantum leaps, and does nothing groundbreaking to advance the genre, it is nevertheless a good game in its own right, bringing the original Deer Hunter idea up to date with new graphical and artificial intelligence technology. For all the people that helped make the series a success, this offering is in many ways superior to the original and well worth the low price. If you pick up Deer Hunter 4, be ready for more of the same good hunting action.
Absolute Games ( (Oct 01, 2000)
Интересно, знают ли в WizardWorks фразу, выбитую на могильных плитах не одного десятка некогда многообещающих проектов? If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it. Или, говоря иначе, лень. Халтура. Застой. А такое у нас принято... правильно, давить!