Defiance Credits (Windows)

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Defiance Credits

Development Team

Executive ProducerSteven Parsons
Design, Programming, Project ManagementLars Brubaker
Design and StoryR. Scott Campbell
Level DesignIon Hardie, Rebecca Ann Heineman, Jesse Pearce, Zach Young
AI ProgrammingMichael Lutynski
ProgrammingJames C. Smith
AnimationJeff McAteer
Art, Animation, Sound and MusicChad May

Visceral Productions

Executive ProducerBill Lévay
ProducerMark Hall
AdvertisingEd Weiss
ManualBen Knight
Cover Art ConceptKurt Miller
Box Cover ExecutionMark Hall, Ed Weiss
Box DesignMoore & Price Design Group
Production CoordinatorPhyllis Opolko
Graphics CoordinatorTyson C. Millbert
Marketing & PromotionBill Lévay, Mark Hall
Voice Over CoordinationSteve Hall, Mark Hall, Bill Lévay
Playtest CoordinatorJ. C. Connors
TestersJack Dott, Mark Hall, Ben Knight, Stephen Holmes, Bill Lévay, Tyson C. Millbert, Kurt Miller, Ed Rice, Ryan Shannon, Rich Kuryk
Voice ActingPatricia Coleman, Mark Redfield, Christopher Graybill, Alex Cortright

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Credits for this game were contributed by thalcos (1557)