Delaware St. John: Volume 1: The Curse of Midnight Manor Credits


Voice ActorsPhil Quinn (Delaware St. John), Sonnet Carpenter (Kelly Bradford/Fay Harris), Crystal Ross (Heather Malcolm), Amy Holysz (Lisa Kelly/Melissa Johnson/Victoria Shaw), Fred Quillin (Mark Johnson), Johnathan Mann (Brendan Michaels), Katie Sattler (Katie Shaw), Danielle Miller (Roxanne Black), David Vardy (Rupert Cosmont), Todd Kinsley (The Announcer), Dan Empson (The Hunter)
Auxiliary VoicesSonnet Carpenter, Johnathan Mann, Fred Quillin, Todd Kinsley, Danielle Miller, Amy Holysz
Special Thanks toScott Kinsley
Original ConceptBryan Wiegele
CharactersBryan Wiegele
Original MusicTodd Kinsley
Sound DesignTodd Kinsley
Game Engine ProgrammingTim Faulkner
Written byBryan Wiegele, Ryan Vandergriff
3D Environment ArtQuinno Martin, Brian Moore, James Haywood
Character Concept ArtJeff Jacklin, Lars Simkins
Interface ArtLars Simkins
3D EnvironmentMitja Mlakar
Game Editor ProgrammerRobert Cannaday
Additional Game ScriptingDon Oades
Produced byJames Schaub, Bryan Wiegele

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (505776)