Delta Force 2 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Mission in the dark forest
Camp guardian spotted
Attack on the enemy's camp
Evacuation point
Title screen
Main menu
Choose a soldier
Quick missions selection
Mission briefing
Change gear
Drop zone
Look at parachute
Heading into enemy camp
Killed by a sniper
Using the scope
Taking a safe position
584 meters to the mission goal
Tent interior
Killed hostile soldier
Taking of helicopter
Incoming support group
Pistol with silencer
Into the mountains
Charlie two spotted
Support team on place
Looking for a target
Enemy reinforcements
View from the sky
Suspicious abandoned buildings
Using night vision goggles
Aiming the victim
Snowing hills area
White clothes camouflage
Numerous group of enemies approaching
Parachute landing troops
Following alpha two
Silence brings troubles
Heading to a lonely barn
Night vision scope
Swamp area covered by the fog
M4 burst
Blackhawk is dead
Track driving to the base
Convoy guarded by numerous soldiers
Heavy fire
Enemy soldier spotted on the sand
No time to use the scope
Clear head shot applied
Winter area mission

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