Delta Force: Land Warrior (Windows)

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Written by  :  Spa (2)
Written on  :  Oct 05, 2001

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Virtual fights with two faces

The Good

After I purchased the game it was quite exciting to find out what adventures me and my virtual ego would try to survive. There are many weapons you are able to use. I found out two ways to solve the missions: Number 1: I picked up a sniper rifle and switched off the enemies from long distance. Number 2 (more exciting): I took some midrange weapons and sneaked into the heart of the enemy. In several missions the way of sneaking was very nice to play. Scope on, going some steps, waiting, kill the resistance. That was good!

After finishing DFLW, I tried to play it on internet. And I won´t miss it! Through DFLW I found the German Lance(, a german DFLW-Squad I joined some weeks ago. We don´t play this serious, fun is the first "engine" for our gaming. Via the DFLW-engine you can manage fighting vs. other DFLW-players very easy.

The Bad

It´s probably to use little bugs in the game, one of them allows you to "glitch" hills. That means you´re able to hide behind one of the hills (scope on) without be seen by other players. The bug is that you´re able to fire while "glitching".

In internet fighting zones of Novalogic some people use it to snipe at their enemies. Not good.. and not fair.

Also its easy to complete the single player mode with a sniper rifle - in m< opinion no big challenge. It is very easy to kill the enemies, who do not act very intelligent. With one exception: In one of the mission you have to kill an assassin. The enemy yells out loud if they see you and begin to fire grenades. This mission I like most of all!

The Bottom Line

A singe shooter game, in which you are able to play a member of the Delta Force unit. Several weapons can be used to fulfill the missions, also four different characters can be chosen to solve the missions. DFLW can be played on internet and a local area network, two possibilities gamers should try. DFLW has "two faces". On the one hand several missions are very exciting. On the other the game is a bit too easy. Sniper rifles are mighty weapons, in this game they make it very simple to achieve the goals. And destroy the challenge.