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Delta Force: Land Warrior (Windows)

Delta Force: Land Warrior Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Character select
Mission briefing and weapons of choice
Coming in for a drop off.
There's our ride.
The scope, if activated, comes on only when you stop walking.
Entering the Sphinx.
Inside the pyramid
The enemies surrender.
A grenade for one guy might've been a little much.
Actually I shot him, but it looks in this image like his buddy did.
I'm not really supposed to be up here but t he fact that I could pick 'em off from this distance is pretty nuts. Great feeling of space though...
Mission complete!
Parachuting in with Longbow.
I got a little overconfident.
Getting extracted.
In Eastern European mountains
Approaching the oil platform at night with night vision.
For the most part the characters fall realistically depending on where you shoot them.
We've gotta stop having these arguments during LAN parties.
Here comes the laser guided bombs. Though it's not at all spectacular as you'd think. in fact it's happening in this screenshot.
These Blake Stone scientists are lounging around a bit much for facing a guy with an automatic rifle.
A dead team-mate