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Written by  :  vicrabb (7299)
Written on  :  Apr 16, 2008
Rating  :  1.83 Stars1.83 Stars1.83 Stars1.83 Stars1.83 Stars

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Not worthy of your time

The Good

I loved Delta Force Land Warrior. You'd tell me that Task Force Dagger (TFD) is based on the same gameplay and same engine graphic, so why give as title "Not worthy of your time"?

I made the mistake to not listen to professionals. I bought the game because I wanted to renew the experience Delta Force like I've felt with Land Warrior, even if the scope for sniping was giving me hard times. But I enjoyed it.

And now, I wish I hadn't spent my money.

But don't be afraid, everything isn't negative. So, I'll begin by pointing the fact that you have the choice between 10 teams. If you want to be a simple soldier but faster than anyone, you can be a member of SFOD - DELTA (US Army Special Force Operational detachment) or of JTF-2 (Canada). If you want to be an heavy gunner, with big chainguns, choose to be a Green Beret (USA) or a Marine Force Recon member (USA). You want to be a sniper? Play as a CIA SOG (Special Operations Group) member or as a SAS (UK) one. And if you prefer to be someone explosive, I mean, with grenade launcher or anything else that can make kaboom, choose to be a SASR (Australia) or a Ranger from the US 75th regiment. Finally, you prefer to do your job without sound or to be the best swimmer, so, be a SEAL Team 6 member or a CSAR (US Airforce Combat, Search and Rescue). But if you're playing multiplayer, SEAL and CSAR are also medics.

As you can see, teams are diversified but not unique. What is a pity is that the medic is only available in multiplayer. Playing a medic in TFD single player campaign could have been a good idea...

Well, for the weapons choice, you have 14 primary weapons, 3 secondary ones, 5 sidearms, 3 explosives. My favorites are the OICW Assault Rifle with 20mm grenade launcher (a zoom of 6x, 3 modes of firing, great design), the PSG-1 Suppressed Sniper Rifle (only silent weapon for sniper with a zoom of 4x) and the M82A1 Barret Sniper Rifle (14x for the zoom but the problem is the sound, it's very noisy). Yep, I love playing sniper, if I have the choice to take a weapon with a scope, I'll take it.

You can also ask for an aerial strike; you have the laser designator for that. Not as fun as in Conflict Desert Storm or Vietcong though.

Delta Force isn't a game that is difficult to play. I mean, it's intuitive like most of the FPS games. You just need to shoot. Infiltration phases aren't so difficult if you're used to the concept. Graphics are correct; Novalogic is known for developing its own graphic engine. But I must admit that it's inferior to what was done at that time. Soundtrack is also a very good point.

The Bad

Delta Force TFD is the same as Land Warrior, the previous game. I saw somewhere someone saying that TFD is a Land Warrior with another clothing. I agree with this opinion, nothing had really changed.

What I regret the most is the absence of characters with a background. You're just a poor member of a team, without personnal history.

But what disappointed me is the fact that I didn't finish the single player campaign. Because of too many enemies AND the fact that I was killed in the first seconds of the last mission I've played. How to get past it? I'm sure there is a bug somewhere, if you exclude the ones with the graphics (like bodies floating or between two walls). I mean, I was so close to finish the campaign. I was feeling like a bad player or a noob in the FPS world when I actually considered myself like a good player when it comes to play single player campaign.

Another problem is the 3rd person perspective. You can play it in this FPS, but it's unplayable. You don't have the a great accuracy and you're not at your ease. I missed the way Tomb Raider or Max Payne were giving you the feeling that you could do a lot of things without being bothered by their back. So why include the possibility when it's a scary view in this game? Why Beta Testers didn't report the problem? Or did they only test the 1st-person perspective? Or perhaps they thought that it was like a bonus and that a few people will play with the third-person perspective...

The scope when you're sniping is placed on the side of your screen. For having a global view it's great but for sniping it's not a good thing. It seems so unrealistic. I mean, it sounds like you can snipe and see the global situation at the same time as if you have more eyes than 2.

The map isn't really useful, only for viewing your road. But the rest, I've never understood it. Even with the manual. Perhaps it was the fact that it was in English when I'm a French language native... Uh? Yes, I was being ironic, because I understand English very well. So, it's more a problem of explaining things from Novalogic than my skills.

It was also good idea to take as background a recent war, because some players will be happy to be part of a still-going conflict (or at the time of the release, a new conflict) but the lack of individual characters and personality is making the storyline mediocre.

I also had the impression that the AI wasn't really great but I can't really remember what stupid actions the enemies made, apart from the fact that they stayed long enough in the same place, shooting at me, making easier for me to kill them. I love that kind of games because I can strike easily but I don't feel like I've really beaten them.

The Bottom Line

If you want to try, I can't prevent you from doing it. It's a good soft for the ideas but the campaign is so difficult that I can't really have pleasure. Weapons are great as is the sound. No individual characters with a name isn't a good idea. The scope could have been a good idea but it's so disappointing that you'll have an hard time to be used to using it.

But final word is: Not worthy of your time.