Delta Force: Task Force Dagger Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
I won!
Enemy camp, complete with truck
Enemy underground bunker entrance
Dead tango in underground barracks
On catwalk between powerplants
Nightvision mode, note the goals on upper right
Two dead from the same shot, I swear!
Still crawling underground, note the destroyed barrels and crates
Where did he get that nice pistol?
I think that's my ride coming in...
Firing AT-4 at the satellite dish
One busted satellite dish after AT-4 hit
Two dead tangos
That would explain his death...
My ride is definitely here (night vision mode)
Enemy camp through night vision and sniper scope
You are my prisoner!
Mission accomplished!
Infiltrating enemy airbase... See the runway?
Just got off, time to get to work...
Wow, blew him through the wall...
Another Afghan town
The truck is approaching
Northern Alliance base
Northern Alliance Allies. Note the UN flag in the back
The truck has reached friendly base. Mission accomplished.
Nice balancing act... For a dead guy.
Mission accomplished, time to go
Testing the laser before I go...
Laser designate active, ordnance inbound...
Black obsidian seems to be jutting out of the surrounding rock.
Where there's smoke, there's...a fragmentation grenade.
Don't poke the pilots. They'll fall over.
I seem to be sinking in a puddle of...floor.
Break the glass, and it looks like it's still there.
Where there ANY beta testers playing this game?
Some terrorists get all the luck.
Apparently, when they captured the French journalist, they let him keep his camera. How nice of them.
An enemy surrendering. Don't see THAT in many other games.