Demigod Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Menu
Loading Screen
Let the fighting begin!
Lord Erebus, here one of my enemies, knows how to kick ass.
A couple of minions fight each other while my Demigod goes for the
I died or accurately: I exploded
This guy can cast spells - obviously.
Sometimes enemy Demigods drop stuff.
Yay, unlocked an achievement and kicked some ass while chewing bubble gum.
The levels in Demigod are all rather twisted.
The goal of this mission: Destroy the four fortresses of the enemy.
Caputring a flag.
The Rook against the Queen and the Lord.
Heavy fighting at the middle flag.
The skill tree of the Unclean Beast.
That's what a map looks like fully zoomed out.
A snowy circle map - but I guess you knew that already.
The Rook is trying to capture the flag but I won't allow that.
The game gives out awards for everyone - even the guy that didn't do anything useful ("Participant").
A fully equipped Demigod ready for action.
The Unclean Beast hungers for more death.
The citadel is destroyed and the Forces of Darkness prevail.
Already got a good start in getting achievements.