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    Classic destruction derby mayhem roars into the 21st century with the release of Smash Up Derby (Demolition Champions in US), the fast and dynamic arcade racing game that's a pure adrenaline rush. With a choice of 20 powerful supercars racing at speeds of up to 180 mph it's a battle for survival as you hit the gas against opponents who are determined to win - no matter who gets in their way!

    Crashes, shunts, excitement and fun have made destruction derby a proven and successful genre. Now it's been brought bang up to date thanks to City Interactive, the new development house created by Lemon Interactive with talented people responsible for hits as Starmageddon/Project Earth and Aces of WWI.

    Twenty eight different tracks to chose from in a variety of environments from rally and cross country to race track or parking lot
    Choice of 20 finely tuned cars racing at up to 180 mph
    Full on contact with smashing, shunting and destroying
    Realistic car damage from dents and scapes to loss of parts
    Dynamic special effects with 'bullet-time', skid marks, dust, sparks and flares
    Hundreds of on-track obstructions including tyres, posts, concrete bollards and cartons
    Uses the powerful 'Havok' physics engine
    Developed with Virtools engine
    Over 6000 polygons and 10 different materials used for each car and up to 50000 polygons and 80 different materials for each track
    Keyboard, steering wheel, pad or joystick controls with Force Feedback and Vibration Force functions
    Single player mode with extended carrer option and up to 16 player multi-mode over LAN/Internet
    Music provided by top band WAWA with 3D sound and choice of background tunes

    Sales & Marketing:
    Smash Up Derby brings a new slant to the proven and popular destruction derby genre
    Currently the only game of its kind in the PC market
    Excellent developer pedigree

    Contributed by tarmo888 (5386) on Apr 17, 2003.