Demolition Champions Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Select your vehicle.
You guys go ahead and turn, I'm gonna not pay attention and do some screenshots.
I wonder what this race track did to the property values?
Nose Cam!
Guys I got this great idea to do a race in a football field!
My hearse passes by some product placement.
Hey look at the wipe out I did! Aw man, look like the audience is distracted by a passing hot air balloon.
The actually fun parts of the game, arena battles.
Take that!
Arright! I win!
Wow, that was unfair.
Checking out my stats and possibly upgrading.
The first official race
Everybody scramble!
The racing part usually always sucks in these kinds of games. So I'm leaving...
Race line
Crash arena
Races aren't 100% fair
Little damage
No destruction? Wait a second!