Deo Gratias Credits

France Télécom Multimédia : Cryo Networks

Coproducers at CryoPhilippe Ulrich, Jean-Martial Lefranc
Coproducers at France Telecom MultimediaBernard Tani, Christophe Watkins, Jean-Claude Xirau (credited as Jean Claude Xirau)
A game byFrançois Marcela Froideval (credited as François Froideval)
Programming Roland Danard, Julien Olivier, Lorenzo Pastrana, Sébastien Metrot
Design Matthieu Lauffray (credited as Mathieu Lauffray), Claire Wendeling (credited as Claire Wendling)
Graphism Sophie Legrand, Emmanuel Vasse, Georges Nicol, Dark Works
Intern Matthieu Pretceille
Music Pierre Estève
Edition Shooting Star
Project leader Christophe Buee, Roland Danard
Director of TechnologySylvain Huet
Managing DirectorThierry Ortolan
Marketing ManagerAlan Wild
Sales DirectorStuart Furnival
Package‑design FranceTéquilla
Press: FranceEmmanuelle Savignac, Frédéric Henry, Florian Bouchaud
Product managerMark Allen
ManufacturingCarine Lapouméroulie
Production managerChristian Hesse

Additional credits from the French version

Service TestsJean-Luc Hadi, Pascal Merckhoffer, Bernard Carrarani, Lydie Deverre
Directeurs du MarketingMichel Mimran, Fabienne Dulac
Chef de ProduitWilfrid Vinmer

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Christian Hesse, 6 other games
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Jean-Claude Xirau, 6 other games
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Sylvain Huet, 3 other games
Georges Nicol, 3 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by piltdown_man (150041)