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Derelict Credits


ConceptErik Hogan
DesignErik Hogan
ProgrammingErik Hogan
Additional Level DesignSam Jeffreys, Miika Vihersaari
Sound DesignKristie Addison
Additional MusicSamuel Gavin, Edward Clombe, Bill Norris, Krystian Krewniak
3D ModelsMark Harper (for 3D Gun Models), Craig Nisbet (for misc furniture objects), The Game Creators for 3D Animated Characters, Geometrics for Space Ship
CastSam Jeffreys (Communications), Jonathan McCarthy (Assault), Steve Godrich (Demolitions), Sam Jeffreys (Engineer's voice), Luchian Deurell (Engineer's face), Guilherme Chirinéa (Medic), Erik Hogan (???)
PlaytestersChristian Miniscalco, Jacob Canull, Matt Griffith, Matthew Gatland, Guilherme Chirinéa, Joshua Smyth, Justin Deuel, Jim Harkins, Philip Truax
Special ThanksAuckland Game Works [], Max Penguin (, Gregory A. Thomas, :A/H:, Kirsty Win, And the forum posters of,,,
Programmed in Blitz Basic 3D byMark Sibly (

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