Des Blood Racing Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
The intro is composed out of events from the first Des Blood...
...from Des Blood 2...
...from Des Blood 3...
...and unexpectedly, in a cartoony form, the game you are playing now: Des Blood Racing!
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Race mode. Choose your character (or vehicle) and scenery.
Controlling the famous red car from Des Blood 3, for some reason called GTA.
Some of the locations are similar to those seen in the games, and some are not.
As you drive out of the tunnel, you see that a beautiful city lies ahead.
Driving through the city...
...and through wilderness.
You know how crazy this game is when you get to control a dinosaur!
Jump over those icons, otherwise you'll spin around and stop.
Flowers for dinosaurs
Jumping through the wheat field.
Yeah! Let's show those mammals!
A cinematic replay of the race. Looks much more intimidating than it really was!
Story mode has a short text + CG intro for each character.
Lily is racing through a cutesy scenery.
Looks like some ancient alien buildings...
Some of the scenery is really bizarre.
A dialogue with Isys after you've won the race.
Now you know what pretty girls do after racing dinosaurs and mutant frogs on mysterious planets: masturbate, of course!
Dialogue between Lily and Kikuno (both from "Des Blood 2") completes this part of the story.
Lily is licking Kikuno's wounds.
Meet Kelly and Alicia, the heroines of "Des Blood 3".
There are some Des Blood-related commercials on the road.
Come here, honey, I'm so tired after this race!
You've unlocked a movie.
You can even control the insane frog Isys!