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Descent³ / Descent³: Mercenary (Windows)

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Descent³ / Descent³: Mercenary Credits

Descent 3 Developed By Outrage Entertainment

Project DirectionMatthew Toschlog
Production Craig Derrick
ArtSean Lynn (Lead), Mark Dinse, Daniel B. McMillan (credited as Dan McMillan), Josh Foreman, Matt Long, Luke Schneider
DesignSean Lynn (Lead), Mark Dinse, Daniel B. McMillan (credited as Dan McMilan), Josh Foreman, Matt Long, Luke Schneider
Programming Matthew Toschlog ([Lead] credited as Matt Toschlog), Jason Leighton, Chris Pfeiffer, Samir Sinha, Kevin Bentley, Nate Goudie, Jeff Slutter
Animation Douglas Brooks ([Lead] credited as Doug Brooks), Chris Claflin, Daniel B. McMillan (credited as Dan McMillan), Christopher Hayes (credited as Chris Hayes)
Sound EffectsJerry Berlongieri
MusicJerry Berlongieri
TestingAndy Crosby (Lead), Steve Buckley, Demian Linn, Shawn McMillan
Administrative SupportLaurie Ford
Systems SupportJay Chrispen
Additional Models & ArtBrent Feeman, Vector Graphics, Infografica
Outrage would like to thank the following3Dfx, AMD, ATI, Canopus, Creative Labs, Diamond Multimedia, Dolby Labs, Intel, MadCatz, Matrox, Metabyte, Microsoft, NEC, Nvidia, S3, Saitek, Wicked3D, Volition Inc., Leaping Lizard Software, Sonic Foundry, Chris Hecker, Brian Hook, Alisa Baker, Mark Jolley, Bob Seestadt, Michael Gold, Doug Rogers, Sim Dietrich, Howard Jacob, Eddie Banks, Nora Belavic, Clavia Musical Instruments, Armadillo Enterprises, Chris Moulios, TJ Martin, Jonathan Hoffberg, Heiko Herrmann, and the rest of our Beta Testers, Victoria Green, Kate Oleksiak, Carol Breznai, William Calhoun, Dennis Calhoun, Anissa Pelchat, Mike Lynn, Connie Lynn, John Anderson, The 8‑Ball Saloon, Diana Taur-McMillan, Niel Lockhart, Stacie Foreman, Lelia Foreman, Emily Glowacki, Tom Smith, Deb Smith, ImsaDudes, Leigha Lafleur, Schrodinger T. Cat, Jocelyn Lloyd, Sandy Jedryczka, Randy Jedryczka, Donna Jedryczka, Adolph Jedryczka, Hazel Jedryczka, Christopher Karath, Dianna Bentley, Zabrina Goudie, Dave Regelsky, Allison Reidler, Johnnie Brooks, Camile Brooks, Edison Brooks, The Claflin family , Erin McLarney, The Hayes family, Joe Crosby, Elly Crosby, Kate Crosby, Kay Harris, Jack Harris, Kimberly Hamilton

Interplay Productions

V.P. of Product Development Trish Wright
ProducersJeffrey Karl Barnhart (credited as Jeff Barnhart), Bill Dugan, Raphael Hernandez
Line Producers Brandon Lee Lang (credited as Brandon Lang), Chris Benson
Lead Tester Darrell Jones
TestersTimothy Anderson (credited as Tim 'Cthulhu' Anderson), Primo Pulanco (Proxi), Tony Piccoli (Wardog), Jeremy Seely (Sweeney), David Fleischmann (credited as Dave 'The Streaker' Fleischmann)
Compatibility TechniciansDerek Gibbs, Jack Parker, Joshua Walters (credited as Josh 'Crow' Walters), David Parkyn (credited as Dave 'LD' Parkn)
Marketing ManagerStacy Bremmer
Public RelationsLisa Bucek-Jensen (credited as Lisa Bucek)
Traffic ManagerSherry LaVertu

Audio For Cinematics

Supervising Sound Design and Re-Recording mixerCharles Deenen
Sound Design/David Farmer, Ann Scibelli, Eric Lindemann
MusicTim Jones
Additional music supervisionRick Jackson, Foley Artists, Sean Rowe
Foley Editing Caron Weidner
Foley mixer Eric Thompson
Re‑Recording mixing atInterplay[in Dolby Surround]
VO directionChris Borders, Chris Borders, Andrea Romano
VO editingStephen Miller, Chris Borders
Audio Administrator Gloria Soto
Video Services Dan Williams, Bill Stoudt, David Cravens
CastGeorge Del Hoyo, David Warner, Adrienne Barbeau, Maurice LaMarche (credited as Maurice La Marche), Carol Bilger, Danny Wells, Charlie Rocket (credited as Charlie Rockett), Britta Hudson
Special ThanksKendra Namekawa, Valerie Jones, Bama, KoolBear, Solidair, MasterDescent, EyeRate, Eagle, Mad, 10m, serpent7, Dr Payne, Kuman, Sup, Tetrad, Merlin, CajunAce, Solr_Flare, Descenter, Cathrope

Virgin Interactive Entertainment

ProducerSarah Thompson
Quality Assurance ManagerPhilip McDonnell (credited as Phil McDonnell)
Lead TesterJames Toghill (credited as Jamie Toghill)
TestersSteven Frazer (credited as Steve Frazer), Roy Gay, Drew Waldegrave, Philip Matthews
Senior Product ManagerHaley Emberey (credited as Hayley Emberey)
Product ManagerSarah Seaby
Packaging DesignA Creative Experience[London]


Special thanks for their work on the 1.4 patchJason Leighton, Duane Johnson, Kevin Bentley

Descent 3 Mercenary Outrage Credits

Project DirectionMatthew Toschlog
Project LeadChris Pfeiffer
Art LeadMark Dinse
Level DesignChris Claflin, Mark Dinse, Josh Foreman, Sean Lynn, Daniel B. McMillan (credited as Dan McMillan), Luke Schneider
ScriptingNate Goudie, Chris Pfeiffer, Samir Sinha
Textures and 3D Models Chris Claflin, Mark Dinse, Josh Foreman, Matt Long
Cinematics Douglas Brooks (credited as Doug Brooks), Christopher Hayes (credited as Chris Hayes)

Interplay US Credits

Vice President of DevelopmentTrish Wright
Division DirectorJim Molitor
ProducerAlan Barasch
Marketing ManagerStacy Bremmer
Quality AssuranceDarrell Jones
Project SupervisorDarrell Jones
Compatibility ManagerDarrell Jones
TestersTony Piccoli, Henry C. Lee (credited as Henry Lee), Matthew Golembiewski (credited as Matt Golembiewski), Erik Hernandez (credited as Eric Hernandez), Jason Duvall
Director of Quality AssuranceJeremy S. Barnes
QA ManagersGreg Baumeister, Michael Motoda (credited as Mike Motoda)

Interplay UK Credits

Senior UK Producer Diarmid Clarke
UK Producer Nana Penemo

Virgin Interactive

Senior Product Manager UK Harvey Lee
Head of PR Allison Grant
International Marketing Co-ordinatorNathalie Foster
QA ManagerPhilip McDonnell (credited as Phill McDonnell)
Lead TesterRoy Gay
TestersSteven Frazer (credited as Steve Frazer), Phill Matthews, Tim Wileman, Drew Waldegrave

Virgin Interactive Deutschland

Product ManagerThilo W. Huebner (credited as Thilo Huebner)

Intro Movie Audio Credits

Sound SupervisionJohn Leveque (Soundstorm)
Sound DesignTim Walston (Soundstorm), Charles Deenen
MusicJulian Soule
Mixed in atSoundWorks
Video ServicesBill Stoudt
Audio Administration Gloria Soto
Packaging Design A Creative Experience[London]

Descent 3 Mercenary Outrage Credits

ProgrammingKevin Bentley, Chris Pfeiffer, Jeff Slutter

Interplay US Credits

Traffic ManagerKathryne Wahl

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