Written by  :  Kasey Chang (4622)
Written on  :  Dec 05, 2000
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Cheap intro to the Freespace universe, and what fun it is!

The Good

Lots of ships to fly, logical campaign, ability to call in reinforcements, fighters and bombers, periodic new weapons with logical progressions, excellent controls, great graphics, excellent online capabilities

The Bad

Some objectives a little "obscure", post-mission briefing too brief and doesn't explain your good and bad (i.e. where you could have done better), some bugs in missions (you COULD kill Shivan ships before you're supposed to), cap ships a bit too weak for their size, logically ship size and fighter capability doesn't make sense, we've seen the story before too many times

The Bottom Line

Freespace Battle Pack is the excellent introduction to the Freespace Universe. Usually available for $10 or less, this game gives you both the original Freespace campaign, where you fight against Vasudans then Shivans, and the expansion pack where you join Galatic Intelligence but realize they have their own agenda...

Freespace is what Wing Commander should be. Plenty of weapons, fighters, and enemies to fight, yet each are distinct rather than WC's "so many there isn't much difference" approach. Overall, this is what a space 3D shooter should be, highly recommended for any one who like this genre.