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Descent: Freespace - The Great War (Windows)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Descent: Freespace - The Great War Credits


Original ConceptAdam Pletcher
ProgrammingMark Allender, Dave Andsager, Dave Baranec, Jason Hoffoss, Michael Kulas, Alan Lawrance, Sandeep Shekar, John Slagel
Graphics / 3D ProgrammingFrank Capezzutto III, Michael Comet, Adam Pletcher, Mitri Vanichtheeranont, Jasen Whiteside, Peter Han
Level / Scenario DesignJim Boone, Brad Johnson, Duncan McPherson, Sandeep Shekar, Jasen Whiteside
MusicDan Wentz
SoundDan Wentz
Executive ProducerTrish Wright
PlaytestingAustin Coulson, Chris English, Edward Hyland, Rafael López, Chad Nicholas, Dennis Presnell, Rodney Smith, Ian Wall, Matthew B. Rhoades, Michael Esser, Shigeto Matsushima, Daniel Levin, William Saunders, Jason Nelson, Jacob Devore, Thomas Quast, Savina Greene
Quality AssuranceChad Allison, Bill Delk, Christian D. Peak, Jeremy Ray, Colin Totman, Steve Victory, Christian D. Peak
Special Thanks ToKyle Shubel, Chad Nicholas, Edward Hyland
ProducerJim Boone
Writing / Dialogue / StoryMichael Kulas, Adam Pletcher
Music & Soundnoiz audio, Steven von Kampen

Volition, Inc.

Mission Editing & ToolsJason Hoffoss, Mark Allender, Sandeep Shekar, John Slagel
Synchronization CastEric Sizemore, Stacie Hirsch, Rick Barrows, Duncan McPherson, Clarissa Novalis, Phil Strang, Juliet Youngren, Jeffrey Coleman, Mark Allender, Dan Kuhlman, Debra Larson, Jeremy Bernal
Administration & Technical SupportMisty Goodman, Brad Ashmore, Bob Paleczny

Interplay Productions

Director CompatibilityPhuong Nguyen
Information Systems ManagerFrank Pimentel
Assistant Lead Quality AssuranceGreg Baumeister, Steve McLafferty
Compatibility EngineerLouie Iturzaeta, Marc Duran, Jonathan Darke, Derek Gibbs
International Product ManagerThomas R. Decker
Translations & Foreign Language Voice RecordingSPG Studios
Additional Translations / Editing / Quality AssuranceMarina Bermon, Heike Walther, Michael Esser
Director MarketingKaren Schohan
Product Marketing ManagerAlison Quirion
Communications ManagerErika Price
Manager CoordinationSteve Spandle
Box DesignCraig Owens, Larry Fukuoka
Manual LayoutSchlieker Design

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