Written by  :  Sam Tinianow (116)
Written on  :  May 26, 2001
Platform  :  Windows
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Screw star wars

The Good

Well, I was getting EXTREMELY tired of playing those monotonous old Star Wars space sims. I just happened to pick this game up off some shelf at a local software store and, well, WOW. This game has its own original theme. The game play is quite smooth and the story line is riveting. I constantly find myself actually yelling "Haha! Take that, you damn space invader from hell!" after blowing up an enemy craft. Quite unusual. There is a nice selection of ships, each with their own unique traits and appearances (unlike those stupid TIE whatevers and whatnot) allowing three different species to duke it out in style. The game even comes with a mission editor called FRED, which is really great. I'm working on my own campaign with it as I write this.

The Bad

There's this one aggravating mission that I simply can not beat. Damn you, Lucifer! It's SO hard!

The Bottom Line

This is Descent times 20. There is very little bad that could be said about this game. It's a completely original space sim in which three species have at eachother with their own squadron of unique fighters, bombers, cruisers and the occasional destroyer. Very nice graphics and gameplay. You can't go wrong.