Desert Thunder Credits (Windows)

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Desert Thunder Credits

Brainbox Games

ProducerJosh Druckman
Game DesignJosh Druckman
Level DesignJosh Druckman, Todd McCullough
ProgrammerJohn Gerula, Neil Gower
3D ArtistJoe Grant, Michael Towse
Technical ArtistJoe Grant
Texture ArtistMichael Towse
Concept ArtTodd McCullough
Sound DesignRob Holt
In‑game MusicStarsky Partridge

Groove Games

PresidentJon Walsh
Vice President, PublishingTrevor Fencott
COOMichael James Haines
Vice President, SalesTrevor Parkes
ProducerJonathan Freedman
Associate ProducerChristopher Locke

HIP Interactive Europe

TestersJérôme Boudin (Uncredited)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jeanne (76593) and nccs (289)