Desktop Dungeons Credits (Windows)

Desktop Dungeons Windows Main Menu - Selecting race, class, and scenario. Completing a scenario may unlock other scenarios, races, classes, and other surprises.


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Desktop Dungeons Credits


ByRodain Joubert, Danny Day, Marc Luck
Epic Thanks ‑ TilesetRichard Ramsbottom ([email protected] ... for some pretty wicked tiles to relieve the world of Rodain's horrible programmer art), Derek Yu ( ... for getting the tileset process going and contributing his own tileset to the game)
Epic Thanks - Additional CharactersBrian Bugh
Epic Thanks ‑ SoundHerman Tulleken (... for creating the sounds and background jingles -- without those Rodain will probably have to have created them himself. And that sort of thing can get REALLY ugly)
Epic Thanks - Fan Art (Loading Screen)Miktar Dracon (... for a really rad piece of fan art that can be seen during the Desktop Dungeons loading screen. Check the expression on that goat's face! Ahh good times)
Epic Thanks - Fan Art Coloring (Loading Screen)Robbie Fraser (... for colouring in the aforementioned fan art)
Epic Thanks Marc Luck (... for beardy gameplay inspiration), Danny Day (... for being a ninja when needed), QCF DESIGN -- -- ... for loads of gameplay concepts and providing Rodain with a way to earn some bread and butter while he busies himself with this mad contraption, Button clicks and sword strikes were lifted from, Online leaderboard service provided by REAAAAALLY handy and convenient service. :D, TIG source, Spelunky

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