Desperados 2: Cooper's Revenge Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
John Cooper in front of The Golden Coin Saloon
Riding a horse
Inside a saloon
Storyline goes forward with cinematic still pictures.
Drunk guy harrassing Kate O'Hara
Shooting some cans
John Cooper
Mission overview screen
Kate O'Hara at close
Mission complete
Mission failed
Loading screen shows the entire map.
Doc is the only character that can handle a sniper rifle.
Taking a good sniping position from the cliff... too bad you cannot fire while in lying position.
Throw gas potions to render enemy unconscious, but don't forget to tie them up afterwards, or they'll wake up and raise the alarm after a while.
This one won't even see it coming.
Sam is taking out the bandits with a dynamite.
Indians are attacking the caravan... but they're out of range for a gun.
Zoom out to bird perspective when you want to find out how close is the enemy.
Cooper, Kate, and Doc are looking a bit concerned.
Hiding behind the wood pile to listen in on the conversation.
Well, direct assault is out of the question, 100 to 1 is no-go.
Protecting the caravan... you can use Doc McCoy to heal the wounded settlers.
Kate can seduce a large number of guards at the same time... that's some skill to use.
Brainstorming on how to sneak into the fortress prison undetected.
Good thing those cannons are just for show.
Sanchez is slapping them like there's no tomorrow... he's the best at taking out a distracted guard.
Throwing rocks can be used for distraction or to incapacitate the enemy.
Good ol' Sam is evening the odds.
Nice view from the fort, but this is no time for sight-seeing.