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Detective Barbie 2: The Vacation Mystery (Windows)

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Detective Barbie 2: The Vacation Mystery Credits


Vice President, DevelopmentAmy Boylan
Executive ProducerJesyca C. Durchin
ProducerIsabel Woodward
Associate ProducerJanice Adyani
Senior QA EngineerTuan Trinh
Software EngineerDon DeLucia
QA ManagerRay Boylan
Art DirectorSteve Feicht
Production AssistantTravis Ruff
Sr. Manager - Business & Legal AffairsCynthia Berry Meyer
Vice President, Media Business OperationsTimothy Waters
Vice President, MarketingCynthia Neiman
Marketing DirectorLauren Berzins
Associate Product ManagerShaun Rowan
Assistant Product ManagerMelanie Bullock
Voice TalentChris Anthony, Nathan Carlson, Flo Di Re, Mikey Hawley, Michael Gough, Michael McGaharn, Kath E. Soucie
Test TeamJohn Bloodworth III, Adrian Fernandez, Sean O'Balles, Jesse Rodriguez, David Trinh, Julie Takata, Maryhelen Sandoval
Special ThanksRosa Allen, Joe Antonio, Jim Balthaser, Matt Bengtson, Edgar Bautista, Kenny B. Bender, Bob Bryant, Jennifer Connett, Toni DeBerry, Karen Ditto, Tyler Domski, Ify Erby, Milton Evensizer, Craig Forrest, Richard Frost, Steve Gay, Darlene Geithner, Rossina Gil, David Gordon, Dawn Gottula, David Haddad, Cheryl E. Hager, Roger Hu, Karen Kelly, Daniel Kwan, Maureen Lemoi, Jerry LeVesque, Bob Normile, Jay O'Balles, Jonathan Petersen, Todd Piccus, Nicole Resnick, Kendale Sheran, Paul Taniguchi, Terri Sieker, Tracey Smith, Cathy A. Takemura, Matt Thorne, Tiffany West, Marie Whallon, P. J. Whitmore, Ray Yamauchi, Sammy the Wonder Beagle

Gorilla Corporation

Executive ProducerJonathan Browne
ProducerJeremy Cail
Associate ProducerNikolaus Ingeneri
Art DirectorNikolaus Ingeneri
Lead AnimatorGregory P. McKee
Lead ProgrammerJeff Fullerton
AnimatorsJeff Lovering, Craig Miller, Antonio Ramírez, Crisostomo Rosario
Additional Programming byJohn Reego, Warren Browne
InstallBill Crupi
ScriptwriterDeborah Silverman
Audio Engineers and Music ComposersMichael Beaumont, Bruce Edwards, Andrew Cremeans
Conceptual ArtistAndrew Cremeans
ArtistC. J. Applegate
Business OperationsRosemarie Marcolongo

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