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Dethkarz Credits

Beam International

Original ConceptAndrew Carter, Adam Lancman
ProducerAndrew Carter
Executive ProducerDavid Giles
Art DirectorsHolger Liebnitz, Russel Comte
Associate ProducerAndrew Buttery
Assistant ProducerSteve Mann
DesignersMark Morrison, Andrew Carter, Holger Liebnitz
Lead ProgrammerIain Cartwright
System Physics & Special EffectDuncan Murray
Graphics SystemsMatthew Jones
User InterfaceSteven Scott
Multiplayer GameMyles Abbott
Database, Install & DemosAidan Doyle
Sound System & DevicesBrian Post
Additional ProgrammingShane Lontis, Gerard van der Linden, Richard Crane
Ver2go ProgrammingPhilip Mitchell, Iain Cartwright, Kevin Burfitt, Duncan Murray, Matthew Jones, Adam Boyle
Lead ArtistHolger Liebnitz
ArtistsEve Penford, Kieran Tobin (The Pole and Red Planet Track), Holger Liebnitz (Metro City Track), Simon Hart, Heston Barber (Grand Keys Track)
Car DesignBrendan Bottomley, Pol Sigerson
Special EffectsStephen Oakley
Intro SequenceAdam Ryan
Team/Sponsor LogosDamian Borg
Additional ArtRussell Murchie, Mark Houareau
Music & Sound DirectorMarshall Parker
MusicGavin Parker
Additional MusicTarmac, Mumifi, One
VoiceMatthew King
Test LeadJared Quinert
TestersShane Collier, Asher Doig, Nick Evans, Jason Foo, Alex McNeilly, Luc Le Quiniat, Rhys Quinert, John Robinson, Glenn Shanley, Paul Tacey
Gameplay TuningJustin Walsh
Special ThanksAll Beam Staff, Great Car Rental, Eric Young

Melbourne House

PublisherAlfred Milgrom
Licensing and Marketing ManagerKirsten Beamish
Manual LayoutClive Hambly
Internet PromotionsAdrian Giles, Matt Michalowski, Judy Routt, Dan Sullivan
Website ArtDamian Borg, Sam Crook

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Credits for this game were contributed by //dbz: (5309) and Jared Quinert (8)