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Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition (Windows)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition Credits


Producer and Project DirectorWarren Spector
Lead Programmer and Assistant DirectorChris Norden
ProgrammersScott Martin, Albert Yarusso
Lead DesignerHarvey Smith
DesignersMarshall Andrews, Ricardo Bare, Monte Martinez, Steve Powers, Robert White
DialogueSheldon Pacotti
Additional DialogueAustin Grossman
In-Game Text and Intro/Endgame CinematicsChris Todd
Lead ArtistJay Lee
ArtistsClay Hoffman, Russel Hughes, Robert Kovach, Nghia Lam, Hugh Suh
AudioPeter Marquardt, Stan Neuvo, Will Nevins, Darren Walsh
MusicAlexander Brandon (Straylight Productions)
New York, Hong Kong, and Paris Club SongsReeves Gabrels
QA LeadsJames Flores (Ion Storm Austin), Jay Anthony Franke (Ion Storm Dallas), Tom Murton (Eidos Interactive Europe), Mike Orenich (Eidos Interactive US)
Assistant Lead TesterCarlo Delallana (Eidos Interactive US)
Quality Assurance Ion StormMarshall Andrews, Dane Caruthers, Andy Dombroski, Peter Hushvahtov, Nathan Regener, Wendy Regener, Bonnie Steele, Chris Waltrip
Quality Assurance Eidos InteractiveEruch Adams, Daryl Bibby, Lawrence Day, Carlo Delallana, Steven Didd, James Featherstone, Corey Fong, Daniel Franklin, Erik Kennedy, Ron Lauron, Chris Lovenguth, Colby McCracken, Ryan Natale, Ralph Ortiz, Clayton Palma, Bill Schmidt, Kenneth Schmidt, Beau Teora, Kjell Vistad, Jason Walker
Eidos HonchoJohn Kavanagh
Associate ProducerPeter Marquardt
Hardware/Net/Tech/Video SupportEinar Dietz, Chad Warren
Ion Storm Marketing / PR Chad Barron, Mike Breslin
Documentation by IMGS, IncChris W. McCubbin (Writing), Jennifer Spohrer (Graphic Design)


Executive ProducerJames Poole
Associate ProducerMichael McHale
VP of MarketingPaul Baldwin
Senior Product Marketing ManagerGary Keith Brubaker
Public Relations SpecialistBrian Kemp
Public Relations CoordinatorBryan Davies
Sales, Marketing & Public RelationsDavid Cox, Michelle Bravo, Brandon Suyeoka, Randy Stukes, Antonia Phillips
ProductionRobert K. Barrett, Jo Kathryn Reavis, Hilke Schelke
VP Product DevelopmentNicholas Earl
QA ManagerBrian M. King
Customer Support ManagerMichael R. Kelly
Packaging DesignIndustry Media


Executive ProducerGrant Dean
Shadow ProducersIain McNeil, Flavia Timiani-Dean
External Development ManagerDavid Rose
Public Relations ManagersEva Whitlow, Priscille Demoly, Sascha Green-Kaiser
Product ManagersMichael Newey, Olivier Salomon, Lars Wittkuhn
Localization CoordinatorAlex Bush
QA ManagerChris Rowley


Technology DevelopmentTim Sweeney
Additional Programming and DesignDoug Church
Additional ArtworkChuck Crist, James Daly III, Ben Herrera, Michael Miller, Paul Richardz, Jeff Wand
Additional TestingRobert Fermier, Marc LeBlanc, Art Min, Gabe Newell, Tim Stellmach, Bernard Yee
Additional SupportMichelle Bagur, David Beyer, Dave Cash, Kraig Count, Christian Divine, Jennifer Emert, Mark Fletcher, Leesa Grills, William Haskins, Stan Herndon, Rob Legg, Ian Livingstone, Katrina Medema, Bill Nadalini, Jason Nall, Michael O'Reilly, Steve Pittsenbargar, Dan Rubenfield, Mike Shears, Philip Spector, Leona Spector, Kevin Weston, Pamela Wolford
For giving us a homeTom A. Hall, John Romero

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jason Walker (1744) and Pyrple (654)