Written by  :  BJ Hoskins (10)
Written on  :  Jun 30, 2003

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One of my Top Ten games of all time.

The Good

Oh lord, where do I begin?! This game is so good it’s almost creepy. What instantly attracted me to this game was the Thief-style gameplay, whereby you rely on your stealth skills, rather than run-and-gun Quake fragging. They took this, and mixed it together with an RPG-like interface, including stats and having to manually select your statements/questions when conversing with an NPC. Once I heard this, I knew that I had no option other than to simply purchase it (I didn’t even play the demo first, which something I rarely do). It would be futile and nearly impossible for me to list everything I like about this game, otherwise we’d be in for a college essay. I’ll just say that everything about the game is excellent; the graphics, the story, the interface, and the AI. If you’ve grown weary of fragging constantly, do not hesitate to play this game.

The Bad

In my honest opinion, I really can’t say that there is anything bad about this game, other than having to wait so damn long for a sequel (which should be out this year sometime ’03).

The Bottom Line

As I said above, this game is something much different than all other FPSs, where you must rely on stealth to play through. You can run-and-gun if you wish, but I wouldn’t advise until your augmentations are up to par and you’ve got plenty of weaponry; I prefer stealth. Anyway, if you liked the Thief games or the System Shocks, then Deus Ex is right up your ally. Thanks again Warren Spector.