Written by  :  András Gregorik (65)
Written on  :  Nov 11, 2011
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  3.83 Stars3.83 Stars3.83 Stars3.83 Stars3.83 Stars

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A tiny gem of a teaser

The Good

This is just a complete little 5 hour package with a masterful dramatic drive that makes it all feel longer than it really is. In a good way. It has mysterious allies, some twists, and a heavily augmented super-soldier boss everyone keeps talking about on the ship.

I kept thinking about how seamlessly this mission would have fit the main game; the logs, e-books, conversations all make perfect sense (duh!) in terms of the big picture, and I think Eidos should have included it between the Hengsha and Singapore stages. The main game could sure have used the 5 extra hours.

There are unexpected little graphical touches that suggest some internal engine update, including the most spectacular depiction of a raging sea I've seen in a 3D game yet. There are more moving parts on the levels too: I recall seeing suspended cargo in a rocking net, and some canvas wrapping being blown by the wind. So everything feels less static than in all those office rooms of the main game.

The Bad

This expansion is very short. Yet it does a great job making itself feel epic as it slowly builds up the tension to the final fight.

But then the final boss fight doesn't feel like a boss fight but like one of the many tougher generic fights from the main game. You'll see what I mean. Advice: bring at least one EMP grenade for the robot.

The Bottom Line

Missing Link is an enjoyable boat ride, but there's the nagging feeling that it should have shipped with the main game in the first place. It's more of the same, plus some tiny graphical updates. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is ripe with DLC possibilities: what about Adam's life as a Detroit cop? His scandalous final mission at the DMPD? Or his first few weeks on Sarif's security team? I have high hopes for Eidos regarding future DLC's or even a full-length expansion pack. Give me Deus Ex, guys. I hope Missing Link was only a teaser yet.