Devastation Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
New game selection
Great. This always happens when I go to the movies.
Just an ordinary rooftop with a maniac carrying a gun on top.
Uhm.. that girl has balance.
Check out my snazzy gloves!
Find the hidden girl!
I'm not completely satisfied with my interior decorator.
Just as I took this shot the sun broke through the clouds.
That open jail door is a bad sign.
No, I wasn't about to shoot her. I was just.. uh.. showing her my guns.
This looks like a warzone, but it's actually my backyard.
Killing a Zero Trooper in Taipei.
Stylish loading screens contain hints and background information.
Now why does that sound familiar?
At the beginning of each level, the player must choose which guns to equip each of the team members with. Each character holds limited space.
Weapon stats, assuring each gun is different.
A maniac comes running outside... oh wait, she's on my side.
A map and short description preceeds most levels.
Bolt cutters make short work of this padlock.
The detonation pack is a powerful explosive that knocks down walls.