Written by  :  Maury Markowitz (248)
Written on  :  Nov 05, 2001
Platform  :  Windows

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Click, click, click, clickity-click, click - BORRRING!

The Good

I think the only reason I played this game as long as I did was that the graphics are very well done. They have a quality about them that I really felt at home with, notably in the town.

The Bad

Ok, here's the entire game: click your mouse a lot. That's it. There's no real mystery, plotline, skill, nothing really. You click a lot and you die or you don't. The end. I got to one level and suddenly I kept getting killed. So I stopped playing it.

There were any number of ways the game annoyed me. Perhaps most annoying was the complete lack of change in the village. When I first started the game I ran about talking to everyone, but later learned that they would say the same things over and over. Meanwhile I found that I could simply leave my piles of treasure sitting out in the open in the middle of town and that was fine. After about the 6th level I had a teleport device and found that the whole town became tiring, they couldn't do anything for me except recharge stuff, their goods were nowhere near as good as things I had found in the dungeon, and I could heal myself much better than they could. The town, in a nutshell, was inert.

And the same for the entire game really. There was nothing "going on". You cleared the dungeon level by level and that was that. The entire game seemed empty.

The Bottom Line

When I go to a movie I want a plot, not just moving images. Same for my games.