Written by  :  Kasey Chang (4631)
Written on  :  Aug 22, 2001
Platform  :  Windows
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Simple, repetitive, yet addictive

The Good

Simple to learn (click to walk, click to attack), wide variety of artifacts and weapons and such, extremely simple internet connectivity through battle.net

The Bad

Rampant cheating online, bit too repetitive as the monsters are just slightly different, level advance too slow (making repetitiveness even worse)

The Bottom Line

Diablo can be best described as a real-time version of Rogue/Telegard/DnD derivatives with isometric viewpoint and updated graphics, with a system of unique weapons and artifacts. You are the lone hero (though in multiplayer you can have up to three fellow adventurers) prowling the dungeon of the town of Tristam, hoping the slay the evil that is Diablo... Start with simple weapons and light armor, you can find gold and such in the dungeon. Defeated monsters will drop weapons and gold. Gather them to further outfit your hero. Learn spells to augment your power. Play as Rogue, Fighter, or Sorcerer (each with very different styles of play).

While the premise is simple enough, the dungeon is randomly generated and is different each and every time you play. The monsters have several different types, each with different attack styles and different immunities. You can collect various types of armor that can enhance your protection and resistance, as well as enhance your attributes. There are unique items you may be able to find that have special powers and thus be very valuable. You can wield a wide variety of weapons, from two-handed swords to one-hand sword to axe to shields to even bows and staffs. As you gain levels by winning experience points, you can allocate points gained into your attributes.

Online play couldn't be simpler. Just connect to battle.net (built-in chat and lobby) and you can join games easy enough. Unfortunately, being client-based, Diablo is soon plagued with cheaters, who yields impossible weapons and utterly unrealistic exp. levels. For a while you can even buy Diablo cheat programs in game stores!

All in all, Diablo is a re-invention of a genre. By combining the action elements with the traditional computer RPG's attribute system and simply online game, Diablo was able to pave the path of online multiplayer gaming. It's recommended, even if just for nostalgia's sake.