Didi & Ditto Preschool - Mother Nature's Visit Credits


Original IdeaRichard Vincent
ScenarioRichard Vincent
Creative DirectionRichard Vincent
ScriptsNadine Robert, Richard Vincent, Tanya Claessens, Carole St-Onge
Copy EditingNadine Robert, Richard Vincent, Tanya Claessens, Carole St-Onge
ResearchNadine Robert, Richard Vincent, Margie Golick (Ph.D.)
Activity DesignNadine Robert, Richard Vincent, Margie Golick (Ph.D.)
Pedagogical ConsultantMargie Golick (Ph.D.)
ProducerTanya Claessens
Project ManagerNadine Robert
Supervising AnimatorStéphane Podorieszach (Podo)
AnimationStéphane Podorieszach (Podo), Alexandre Lessard, Sabrina Gendron, Anthony Imperioli, Egon DeRoth
Computer Generated ImagerySabrina Gendron, Christine Mimeault
IllustrationsSabrina Gendron, Raphaël Monin
Character DesignStéphane Podorieszach (Podo), Marc Aubry, Christine Mimeault, Sabrina Gendron, Alexandre Lessard, François Poulin
Integration AssemblingStéphane St-Arnaud, Marie-Eve Côté
Computer GraphicsStéphane St-Arnaud, Marie-Eve Côté
Quality InsuranceMathieu Gauthier-Pilote
TestersMathieu Gauthier-Pilote, Stéphane St-Arnaud, Noviy Disk
Lead ProgrammerAlexey Starchikhin
Programming Team Project ManagerAnastasia Usikova, Noviy Disk
Programming Alexey Starchikhin, Noviy Disk, Anatoly Levov, Oleg Granishevskiy
Sound DesignFastlane Productions, Robert Marchand
Sound EffectsFastlane Productions, Robert Marchand
Original MusicFastlane Productions, Robert Marchand
Marketing and SalesTanya Claessens, Pierre Ste-Croix, Nathalie Durenceau, and Team
Graphic Design of Marketing MaterialJudith Boivin-Robert
Project AccountingPatricia Blais, Louis Chrétien, Marie Danet
VoicesKara Edwards, Rob Lurie, Patty Mattson, Mark Hillard, Mitch Knowles, Vincent Potel, Tarah Schwartz, Robert Marchand
Special thanks to the children that inspire usZoé, Anna, Félix, Ludovic, Elliot, Alys, Nikita‑Jade, Maxime, Thomas, Melody, Nico, and all our fans everywhere

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Credits for this game were contributed by DJP Mom (11393)