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Main Title
It all starts as yet another peaceful day at a deep space observatory, and then the sound of alert breaks the silence
Meeting the team of a specially trained people that will go on a mission to try and save the Earth from a collision with an asteroid
The regular F5 key brings in the game's menu
Low uses his communicator to talk to members of his crew that are not in his vicinity
After nuclear explosions made the necessary holes, it's time to explore the belly of the beast
Due to the presence of apparent alien technology, the away team soon finds themselves stranded on an unknown planet and well out of range for any communication with the Earth
First appearance of an alien ghost will trigger many strange ideas in the minds of our heroes
Boston Low, the commander of the team, figuring out some alien devices
When "Open 'o Sesame" doesn't work, it's time for a different approach
You will travel a lot using underwater tram railway until you find a faster across islands
Commander Low is always ready to ponder on situation from an optimistic point of view
Inside an alien museum
Finding Maggie who seemed to end up trapping herself, just a little shy to admit that
Using alien life crystals on Brink will bring someone back to life for sure
When the water is clear out of any monsters, it's good time to check for any underground caverns
Agreeing with Commander Low, this alien place is full of nice views
Stay with the sound of waves, Low, and you'll find your way across
Fixing the lightbridges will provide you with much faster way of traveling across islands
Blue crystal puzzle that once solved will provide the energy for the tram system
This game will require a lot of digging (hm, perhaps hence the title) that many times you'll ask yourself what would happen if you haven't took the shovel with you
Talking to Brink who seems to have lost it ever after the revival session
For a team member who's been awarded with zero credits for ideas, Commander Low seems to be able to solve all of given alien puzzles
Map room, lets you see places by inputting their coordinates on the panel
Boston figuring out the secrets of a hidden tomb
With a forced help of Brink, Boston is pondering the thought of how to save Maggie from the gigantic spider
Sometimes, you can search certain area only after you've been given hints about them, otherwise, they're just another scenery to admire
Maggie might be asking an impossible from Boston, but time will tell
Boston having a bit of a trouble with one of the guard dogs... maybe if lightbridge can be turned off for a moment, hm
Boston Low's PDA has a game.
Maggie Robbins.
Boston Low.
Moving around asteroid.
Nuke explosion on asteroid surface.
Your first puzzle.
Grave digging.
Trying to open door with these weird symbols.
Room with a nice view.
Alien power source.
The shuttle
Reaching the asteroid
Leaving the site before the explosion
Welcome to the new world
Exploring the unknown planet
He died on impact
Tram transport may not be the fastest, but is certainly most beautifully animated
Meeting with an alien
Choices and consequences
Nice to meet you, time to go home now